Full Cold Moon 2018

Photo: Natasha Cohen-Carroll

Late December is a soulful time – the rhythms of this time of year feel like weariness, mourning, and introspection mixed with rest, warmth, and celebration. Joy and sorrow are in continual dance. The last full moon of the year came the day after winter solstice and I was reflecting on renewal in darkness. And I was inspired by these words from Adrienne Maree Brown:

“tonight, it is a time for letting go. here is a recipe for release:

i release my fear of the dark. i promise to trust that the shadows will shift as i grow and change.

i release any grasp oppressors still have on my attention. i promise to give my dreams and waking life to that which inspires me, and those who love me.

i release any traces of scarcity in my heart. i offer love, joy and connection from the incredible regenerating well that is sourced from the very miracle of my own life.

also…thank you moon, for bathing us in light, for showing us the rhythms between light and dark. thank you for moving me so viscerally that i cannot sleep, for pulling the tide out of me, and for teaching me the sacred value of reflection.”


In this season of shedding what is no longer needed and inviting in the new, being present with my continuous tenderness, I’m sitting with reflections on all that 2018 was and visioning for 2019 with excitement and faith.

2018 was a year of deepening into vulnerability and resilience. I experienced aching, tremendous healing, and thriving. I grew exponentially in courage. My heart has more depth than before. I have the clarity I was yearning for, beautiful new friendships, excitement for where I am going, and nothing but gratitude going forward.

And starting this process oriented blog feels like a good fit for where my creative head/heart space has been – I’m now in week 8 of working through The Artist’s Way and it has been immensely effective, to say the least. Morning pages have been effortless. Being present with my creative recovery has allowed me to approach current and upcoming projects with greater clarity. My website has a new identity. I was reaffirmed that writing is an important and super valuable creative practice where I feel at home. I have always loved writing and I am cultivating more aspects of my penchant for words – like reading poetry and writing song lyrics.

These are some of my starting goals for this blog, I’m interested to see how they will evolve: To document the extraordinary in ordinary moments. To commit to a public writing practice as companion piece to my ongoing work at the intersection of art making and movement building. Cross pollinating with the work of others who inspire me. Sharing tangible goals for 2019 that will unfold with time.

I have always loved storytelling – I’m excited to do so with a modality that inspires shared reflection regardless of distance, interaction, and connection on and offline.

Seguimos pa’lante!