I found myself again – late night on Girard Av chismeando with my queer Latinx friends

In the rhythm of cumbia and ancestral sounds coming alive

I found myself in the Pacific Ocean

running fiercely, bravely into the water

diving into the the tide then allowing the waves to rock (and comfort) me

I found myself in the rhythmic circularity of my hips and when I discovered through bodywork that the musculature of my hips was completely (re)structured by (re)turning to my Latinx movement roots

I found myself between 11 pm and 2 am in Old City inside the rhythm of bachata – a powerful expression of community, reciprocity, consent, abundant joy that overflows

I found myself using my body and my voice in the movement, entre la lucha

I found new volumes of heartache that I didn’t know I could experience

I found closure when I put to rest the very real feelings of sadness and loss that my 7 year old self carried for nearly 20 years

they call it a journey of clarification

I found my roots and felt how nourished they were and how carefully they needed to be protected

And that they were the source of my power and wholeness

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