Dear allies,

I have been deeply hurt by white women working as an artist in my early-mid 20s and I feel like I need to be continually honest about that. And that doesn’t mean I won’t have meaningful, reciprocal, deeply nourishing relationships with white allies – I continue to have them. But here is what I want you to know:

I have limits and boundaries. I ask for nothing but compassion and empathy, regardless of any project outcome.

Orient around process – not exactness.

Your desire to undo oppression doesn’t mean your tactics are fully decolonized. What are the ways in which your socialized norm to dominate show up?

Your best contribution to the movement is to heal yourself. Dismantle the fiction of whiteness by connecting with your ancestry.

Learn how to manage your anxiety. Learn how to manage your anxiety. Learn how to manage your anxiety.

I am tender. Build trust and practice consent before asking probing questions.

As a collaborator and thought partner, I am not going to answer all your questions, solve your problem, or singlehandedly help you figure out your end goal. Wisdom is communal, collective, and is built as the pace of trust.

What I can do is share from my own learning and growth, and what I am most comfortable doing is inviting you to be in reciprocal relationship with me through hospitality, food, movement, and ceremony. Without any imposing asks or outcome expectations that are out of balance with the relationship we have built.

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