KonMari Method and Rituals for Transition

Today, Philadelphia had a ***SNOW DAY!***

After an ambitious week, I caught up on much needed rest and enjoyed quality Netflix time. Out of curiosity, I decided to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, as I have been curious about the KonMari Method. Preview here:

Most of my friends know now that I am getting ready for a road trip this summer. I’m moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. In anticipation of leaving my dreamy West Philly bedroom with its beautiful bay windows where I have witnessed years’ worth of snow, springtime blossoms, and glorious sunsets, I am thinking about how I can simplify and travel with what is most meaningful to me. So naturally, Marie Kondo’s work was of interest to me.

Kondo has excellent strategies for tidying across the entire home. What I resonated with right away was the way she started the process in Episode 1. Before starting with any tasks or steps, she sat down with the family in the living room. She then facilitated a reflective moment of reverence and gratitude for the home-for being a place of safety, activity, life.

So often I can be preoccupied with work, creating, and organizing. But when I pause to take stock, I am abundantly aware of how my own space has been a place of love, rest, friendship, growth. I am deeply grateful for this place that has been my home, work, and creative space.

It’s the initial reflection of gratitude that then prepares the people who are tidying to practice gratitude when keeping, rearranging, and letting go. In the KonMari method, tidying is based on the question: Does this spark joy?

Gratitude is the action of the tidying method itself — each time you fold a clothing item, you are thanking the item for the joy it sparks in your life. And when you let it go, you thank it for the ways it has served you.

After doing an initial KonMari inventory of my clothing, I realized that I was able to wear the clothes that make me feel the most like myself more often, and I was able to release what I no longer needed. And by doing that, I emptied a whole dresser’s worth of storage space that I now have available to me. I am clearer on what I do want to invest my money in apart from clothing.

By releasing what I no longer need with gratitude, I am creating space to receive what I am creating and what is yet to be. This is a process that will continue for me throughout spring as I get ready to transition, but this initial practice was validating and affirming of all that I am holding in processing a transition. It allowed me to sit with a meaningful sense of gratitude for all that my West Philly home has been, and all that this city has been for me for the past 9 years. It allowed me to feel more excited about what I am making room for in my life.

To gratitude in letting go. To sparking joy. To remembering and releasing. To creating space for the new.

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